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Case Studies

Survey Services is proud of the work that it does with a wide variety of client. From individuals to multi million pound companies we treat everyone the same.

Some of our clients have kindly agreed to have their case studies published here and we hope to be featuring you here soon!

Hampton Court Castle

The Hampton Court Estate has a rich and fascinating history dating back to the 15th Century.

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Pine End Works

Pine End works was once a thriving plywood manufacturing plant, its huge covered spaces were vacated some time ago and the various buildings have gradually deteriorated. More recently thieves have stripped the buildings of anything valuable and this necessitated urgent action in the form of removal of some nasty asbestos materials.

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FPC Training

Survey Services was fortunate enough to be asked to work with Festival Property Care, a large Housing Association based in Malvern, Worcestershire, to deliver asbestos awareness training and practical asbestos removal advice to its workforce. Over 100 tradespeople were trained over a 6 month period to minimise disruption to their day to day activities.

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