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Interesting news from Australia and New Zealand - all vehicles imported into those countries must be certified 'Asbestos Free'

In practice this means that vehicles constructed before 1999 will have to have accompanying certification to show that all potential asbestos containing components have been replaced with asbestos free ones.

A report detailing suspect components and their replacement/removal will have to be compiled and this will go along with the vehicle and form part of the importation/exportation documents.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have provided guidelines but very few asbestos companies are offering this more specific service, due to the requirement to not only have full certification in Asbestos removal but also mechanical knowledge of classic cars.

Survey Services is able to offer this service, being qualified in both areas. We can arrange the following:

  • Collection of the car (from any where in the world)
  • A full inspection
  • Any necessary asbestos removal
  • Delivery to the shipping port of your choice

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